FrescCo is a buffet where you can create your own menu and where you can have as many helpings as you like. At FrescCo we have a wide variety of healthy and very, very tasty food.

To start, you can create your own salad by combining our more than 30 ingredients. If you prefer, you might opt for our seasonal salads with your favorite dressing. If you’d like something warmer, one of our daily soups is sure to hit the spot.

Then stop on by our Kitchen&Grill and pick whatever you like the most. There are tasty chef specials, pastas, and pizzas right out of the oven, grilled meats and fish, cooked just the way you want. To top it all off, a sweet ending at our Coffee Corner.

FrescCo Salads

An extensive bar so you can make your salads just the way you like them. More than 30 seasonal fresh ingredients to ensure the best taste. With a selection of dressings and toppings…

FrescCo Kitchen and Grill

An area where you can pick meats, fish, vegetables, and kebabs to grill, done the way you like. And, of course, you can always give them your own touch with our delicious house sauces.

FrescCo Coffee Corner

At FrescCo we have a varied selection of desserts for the sweet tooths among us that only our chocolate and lemon mousses, our classic plum cakes, and our delicious…